a selection of some of my thoughts written after seeing a film, less reviews and more a collection of assorted thoughts. some are edited to omit more personal details. listed in chronological order by watch date.
for a more complete list of movies I've seen, view my letterboxd account.

pulse (2001)
kill your darlings (2013)
all about lily chou-chou (2001)
the double (2013) [tw: suicide mention]
dead ringers (1988)
chungking express (1994)
mysterious skin (2004) [tw: csa mention]
submarine (2010)
the virgin suicides (1999) [tw: suicide mention]
we need to talk about kevin (2011)
alice (1988)
lake mungo (2008)
enemy (2013)
fallen angels (1995)
wristcutters: a love story (2006) [tw: suicide]
the killing of a sacred deer (2017)
the lobster (2015)
the rules of attraction (2002)
lady bird (2017)
if... (1968)
slacker (1990)